Days of deeply fulfilling travel where emotions and astonishment intertwine.

The moment of stepping onto new ground, emotions and astonishment intersect within the heart, marking the beginning of days brimming with an unfamiliar world. The path walked with curiosity is rich with fulfillment, overflowing with new discoveries and daily joys.

Independence National Historical Park

The allure of essential journeys guided by inner passion.

Discovering the true enjoyment of travel from the depths of the heart.

The genuine delight of travel awakens the curiosity slumbering within the heart through adventures. Encounters and landscapes in new places bring forth an excitement akin to turning the pages of a story. Travel bestows upon us a luxurious time of astonishment and emotion that we seldom feel in our everyday lives. Through new experiences, our hearts dance, and while cherishing that joy, we nurture both the landscapes of our destinations and the landscapes within our hearts.


Distinctive Services of CrossGateway

CrossCrossGateway serves as an information-rich travel affiliate operating platform, delivering unique value to travel enthusiasts.
Here are its distinctive features:

Information Delivery
through Main Media:

Our website provides easily understandable information through our main media, "Travel D.C." This allows users to intuitively grasp the allure of travel and paint a vivid image of their journey.

Centralized Travel Arrangements:

Users can effortlessly make essential travel arrangements such as flight tickets and hotels through our media. This eliminates the need to navigate multiple websites and apps, enabling efficient travel planning.

Customized Itinerary Recommendations:

Within our media, we propose customized itineraries based on user preferences and budgets. We assist in finding the optimal plan tailored to individual needs.

Abundant Local Information:

To enhance the enjoyment of stays at travel destinations, our media supplies valuable local information such as tourist attractions and recommended restaurants. This allows users to gain a deeper understanding of local culture and customs.

Provision of Travel Guides:

Our media offers a wealth of travel guides. This allows users to gain detailed knowledge about the destination's history, culture, climate, and more, fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding.

Announcement of Special Promotions:

Through our media, we may provide exclusive special promotions and discount information. Users can catch hold of advantageous information, enjoying fulfilling trips while staying within their budget.


We present to you photographs capturing the top moments from the destinations our website's curator has visited. Through stunning landscapes and places brimming with local charm, we hope you can also experience a moment of adventure and tranquility. Please take a moment to touch the magic of these places through these images. Enjoy the enchanting moments that make you want to embark on a journey.

National Mall
Nagoya Castle
White House
Air and Space Museum
Indian Elephants
Pikeplace Market
Japanese Style Bridge
United States Capitol at Night
Mt Fuji
Flying over Blueridge


Here are some of the customer voices received on our website.

Enjoying a Treasure Trove of History and Culture

I used "Travel D.C." to travel to Washington D.C. I knew that there were many historical sites and museums, but the information on the website was very detailed, making it easy to plan ahead. In particular, the explanations about the historical background and highlights of each spot were helpful. Even while on-site, I was able to have a wonderful trip, experiencing history and culture while referring to the website.”

"Reliable Information for Peace of Mind!

CrossGateway provides a wealth of reliable information. Through user reviews and ratings, you can learn about actual travel experiences, enabling you to choose plans without the fear of making mistakes. As a result, I was able to fully savor the surprises and emotions of my travel destination."

"A Fantastic Experience to an Exotic Travel Destination

Using CrossGateway, I ventured to an exotic travel destination for the first time, and to be honest, it was a remarkable experience beyond my expectations. The information on the website was detailed and reliable, and the booking process was smooth. The advice about local activities and tourist spots was also helpful, enabling me to have a truly fulfilling journey. I look forward to using CrossGateway for more new adventures in the future!"


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