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The Joy of Encounters While Traveling and the Inner Quest

An Innovative Platform Paving the Future of Individual Travel

CrossGateway is a groundbreaking venture supporting individual travel. This platform offers assistance to solo travelers through internet media, adopting a personal business model that differs from traditional travel agencies. Operating as the main media, "Travel D.C.," CrossGateway provides valuable information to travelers considering trips to Washington D.C.

Our media aids travelers in planning journeys at their own pace and creating unique experiences. Users can access destination-related information on the platform, make flight and accommodation reservations, and arrange activities. Moreover, by referencing reviews and testimonials from other travelers, they can gain more authentic insights. This individual travel support service allows users to easily create customizable travel plans. They can design unique travel experiences by combining various options on the platform to align with specific interests and desires.

CrossGateway's distinctiveness lies in its service approach centered on the individual's perspective, distinct from traditional major travel agencies. Users can receive expert advice while also flexibly constructing travel plans according to their preferences and schedules, enabling a more personalized travel experience. Our media can be described as an innovative platform that offers new choices for individual travelers to achieve more liberated and fulfilling journeys.


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